My name is Jason E. Hill and I am a dad, Veteran
and an Actor. I started this site as a venue
for videos and articles that can assist others become
better prepared.

I was born in New York and was raised in a military family. We moved around a lot which enabled me to see other countries and experience great cultures. I was active in Boy Scouts as a kid and fell in love with the outdoors and camping. After high school I went straight into the Army. I served in
Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm and also completed the Combat Lifesaver course as well as
Air Assault school.

I do Parkour for exercise which is a ton of fun. If your a movie buff, I recently filmed in the movie 'The Lone Ranger'. Click on the IMDB link on my picture to find out what else I have worked on.

 I am active in several other ventures:
  -volunteer member of the Cibola Search & Rescue team
  -supporter of Veterans and various charities
  -founder of a survival Meetup group in New Mexico which now has hundreds of members.

Thank you for taking the time stop by!
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My name is 'Jammin James' and I am a director, film-maker, actor, photographer and an avid outdoorsman.

I continue to practice my survival skills and hope that the videos we make will help others to learn valuable skills and have fun doing it.

I was Armie Hammers' stand in for 'The Lone Ranger'. Click _________to watch a clip of us together!
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Images of New Mexico
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